Why attend TAL?

Authenticity is at the heart of human connection. It is also the foundation for emotional intelligence, a prerequisite for strong leadership. We launched TAL eight years ago with one major goal - to unpack the essential elements of authenticity and why they are important to leadership and business success.

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Why does authentic leadership matter?

Even before the global pandemic welcomed us into this very memorable decade, it was already evident that the cycles of change have compressed significantly in the business world. When management was the prevalent paradigm, stability ruled. Now with leadership at the forefront, change is the accelerator. To take teams through change, perhaps beyond their comfort zone, trust is imperative. This is where authentic leaders truly make a difference.

Authenticity is not meant to be rare, yet many people think of it as the exception. We have to change that paradigm in business.
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Dr. Harold Hillman

Sigmoid Curve Consulting Group

Authentic Leadership: Why it Matters

With increased cycles of change, the ability to wear vulnerability as a virtue (rather than a vice) underpins leadership success. Authentic leaders are excellent at driving engagement, mostly because they empower people to bring their best. An authentic leader makes it easier for people to bring their true selves to work. They unleash aspiration in their teams, enabling them to push through change with greater confidence.

The Seven Elements of Authenticity

Dr. Hillman conducted over 200 interviews for the book, Fitting In, Standing Out, where his primary goal was for people to describe an authentic leader in their life. From those interviews, 7 key elements were prevalent in nearly all the stories people told me about an authentic leader. Those seven elements are: (1) positivity, (2) genuine, (3) edge, (4) vulnerability, (5) energy, (6) integrity, (7) connection.

You can see the interplay between these seven elements in people who come in and out of your life on a daily basis. There's a reason why some leaders have a compelling energy and others don't. The interplay between the seven elements plays a big role in a leader's ability to connect with people successfully.

Workshop agenda for the day

1. De-mystifying Authenticity

  • The seven elements of authenticity
  • Coming to terms with the real you
  • The power of you personal WHY

2. Impostor Syndrome

  • Dr. Hillman shares his own personal and professional experiences
  • The Symptoms, root cause & ways to beat it
  • Connecting common experiences

3. Leaning into Vulnerability

  • ​Confronting fears that impede growth
  • Lifting your personal & professional stretch
  • Leading & coaching with greater self-confidence

4. The Power of Frames

  • ​The keys to self-awareness & personal growth
  • Frames that enable & inhibit authenticity
  • Why perfection is not always the best outcome

5. Fitting in, Standing out

  • The inherent tension between 'fitting in' & 'standing out'
  • Testing the volume on your authentic voice
  • Helping others to find their voice

6. Empathy: The Human Side of Leadership

  • Leading with empathy: Head, Heart, & Hands
  • The six elements of effective listening
  • How to build leadership presence

7. EQ: Making it real for you

  • Correlation between authenticity, influence & personal impact
  • Strategies to gain immediate traction & enhance your influence

8. Open Dialogue and Final Reflections

  • Insights & personal commitments
  • Letter to yourself (delivered in six months)

Participant feedback

Very thought provoking! It made me look at the way I interact with others – both at work and at home. Please leave any preconceptions about “another” management course. Come, be present, and be in control of your development as a leader.
Go with an open mind. Leave perceptions and habits at the door. This course gives tools not only to help you get the best from your team, but also from yourself. Learning from this is valuable in every aspect of life!
The workshop encourages you to open your mind, and challenges you to think about yourself as a person and a leader. It’s not just a lecture, it’s an interactive experience!
TAL was a very thought-provoking course which came at a time when I was questioning my abilities as a leader. Great timing. I left with new insights and renewed confidence.
This is a thought-provoking course that encourages self-reflection – a real look at who you are. It provides an understanding of authenticity as a leader, and arms you with useful tools which you can take back into the workplace.
The course spoke to both my personal and professional challenges, insights, and aspirations. It provided both frameworks to evaluate behaviour and also very practical activities to drive change. Would highly recommend it.
This is a valuable day of self-reflection and insight. What this day really brought home is how we are as a leader is critical to our effectiveness. This course helps us get closer to our authenticity so we can truly connect.
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