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Three participants having a lighthearted conversation laughing and enjoying themselves.
Two participants laughing and enjoying a fun conversation.
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Two participants having a conversation. The lady is smiling while the man is speaking.

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One day away from transforming your leadership

The Authentic Leader, a one-day workshop for leaders who want to bring the seven elements of authenticity into their everyday leadership. The workshop is a timely WOF on your leadership compass - a chance to reflect on how to make deeper connections with people.

​Throughout the day, participants are engaged in group interactions, open dialogue, and personal reflection. You will leave with practical tools to help you build on your insights from the day. And before you leave, you will write a letter to yourself -- and we'll mail it to you in six months. Take the day to re-charge your sense of purpose. You owe it to yourself. And it will make a difference to others.

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What industry leaders have to say

Harold inspires effective and visionary change through people.
A black and white headshot of Andrew Thorburn.

Andrew Thorburn

Former CEO of National
Australia Bank & Bank of New Zealand

Harold inspires leaders to transform!
A black and white headshot of Sanjay Khosla.

Sanjay Khosla

CEO, Bunnik LLC,
Senior Fellow, Kellogg School of Management,
Northwestern University, USA.
Former President, Kraft International.

Harold helped me become a better Chief Executive.
A black and white headshot of Barbara McKerrow.

Barbara McKerrow

CEO of Wellington City Council

Authentic leadership guru - Harold inspires mastery in leaders.
A black and white headshot of Charlotte Roberts.

Charlette Roberts, Ph.D.

Chief Executive, Blue Fire Partners.
Co-author of best seller: The Fifth Discipline

Workshop essentials

About TAL

Harold Hillman, best-selling author and leadership commentator, presents The Authentic Leader - an intensive one day forum, designed for leaders who want to understand the essence of authenticity and how being connected to a deeper sense of purpose can make your leadership far more compelling.

TAL agenda

  1. De-mystifying Authenticity
  2. Impostor Syndrome
  3. Leaning into Vulnerability
  4. The Power of Frames
  5. Fitting in, Standing out
  6. Empathy: The Human Side of Leadership
  7. EQ: Making it real for you
  8. Open Dialogue and Final Reflections

TAL date & location

Date: TBA
Time: 8:30 - 5:00pm
Location: Waitakere Resort & Spa, Auckland
Available seats: Limited to 24

A group of participants focusing on their tasks.Ariel view of Waitakere Estate.
A group of participants focusing on their tasks.
Ariel view of Waitakere Estate.

Why people attend

There are many reasons why people attend TAL. People come from diverse backgrounds, industries, and have varying ambitions for their futures. Below are just a few reasons participants come and attend the TAL workshop.

Leadership tool-kit

Leadership is about being able to deal with a variety of situations effectively. People attend TAL to grow their leadership tool-kit.

Time to reflect

Busy work and family lives often mean we don't stop and reflect. People attend TAL to reflect and re-focus on future goals.

Recently been promoted

Promotions often push people outside their comfort zones. People attend TAL to help make the transition easier and faster.

In a new team/function

Connecting with others and building trust is critical for success. People attend TAL to help expedite the on-boarding process.

Continual development

The best leaders are also the best learners. People attend TAL as part of their continual personal and professional development.

Moving past obstacles

Work is typically complex with no simple answers. People attend TAL to learn new skills and insights to move past obstacles.

Dr. Harold Hillman

Facilitator - The Authentic Leader

​Harold Hillman is the Managing Director of Sigmoid Curve Consulting Group. Sigmoid specialises in frameworks and tools that help executive teams lead their organisations through transformational change. Driven by his passion for authentic leadership, ​Harold has authored three best-selling books: 'The Impostor Syndrome,' 'Fitting In, Standing Out,' and 'EM-PA-THY.' For nearly a decade, Hillman provided business and leadership commentary on Magic Talk Radio in New Zealand. He was also a regular contributor to the New Zealand Herald who deemed him 'The Empathy Doctor' following the release of this most recent book.

Learn more about Harold
Dr. Harold Hillman leaning against a wall with his arms crossed.

Participant feedback

Very thought provoking! It made me look at the way I interact with others – both at work and at home. Please leave any preconceptions about “another” management course. Come, be present, and be in control of your development as a leader.
Go with an open mind. Leave perceptions and habits at the door. This course gives tools not only to help you get the best from your team, but also from yourself. Learning from this is valuable in every aspect of life!
The workshop encourages you to open your mind, and challenges you to think about yourself as a person and a leader. It’s not just a lecture, it’s an interactive experience!
TAL was a very thought-provoking course which came at a time when I was questioning my abilities as a leader. Great timing. I left with new insights and renewed confidence.
This is a thought-provoking course that encourages self-reflection – a real look at who you are. It provides an understanding of authenticity as a leader, and arms you with useful tools which you can take back into the workplace.
The course spoke to both my personal and professional challenges, insights, and aspirations. It provided both frameworks to evaluate behaviour and also very practical activities to drive change. Would highly recommend it.
This is a valuable day of self-reflection and insight. What this day really brought home is how we are as a leader is critical to our effectiveness. This course helps us get closer to our authenticity so we can truly connect.
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